The Best Zoom Backgrounds for Travel Fans and AvGeeks

The Best Zoom Backgrounds for Travel Fans and AvGeeks

The Planet Batuu from Star Wars at Disneyland Using virtual Zoom backgrounds helps me forget that I’ve been sitting in the same place for a month. Instead of looking at the living room wall behind me, everyday I transport myself to somewhere else, and picture myself somewhere I’d rather be. (Check my post on How To Look Better on Zoom, to understand why these work best when you have a green screen.)

You can use any horizontal format image as a background — I find many of mine on Flickr. But in the past few weeks, lots of travel destinations and brands released collections of backgrounds. Here are the best ones for your virtual travels:I Am Busy silver balloons against a tropical beach background.

Lifestyle photographer Gray Malin shared beautiful, artful images, and the amusing I Am Busy balloons.

United Airlines served up some expected plane shots and the Polaris Lounge and Polaris Business Class Interior. The aspect angle on the Business Class seat is United Polaris Business Class Window Seatperfect — If you position yourself right in front of a green screen, people on your Zoom call will think you’re really flying.

Disney shared iconic images from Disney Parks around the world.

The Points Guy shared a Google Drive Folder with an enormous collection of destinations and aircraft, and even some images from World Pride New York City.

Smarter Travel posted nine backgrounds, three beach scenes, and one beautifully over-saturated image each of the Amalfi Coast, San Francisco, Madrid, Shanghai, New York (Why do they always put the Shanghai at Blue HourEmpire State Building and Statue of Liberty in the center of the frame where you block it unless you sit awkwardly at the side of your Zoom window)

Trip Savvy’s collection of nine beautiful destination images feature some of the best photography and composition.

Business Insider gave us mostly luxury resort images from around the world.

the view from Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru from AirbnbAirbnb pulled together a collection of luxury homes and suites with spectacular views; One Fine Stay curated an assortment of luxury rental homes.

And if you want to come home from your travels to someplace aspirational, Biteable shared some awesome luxury residential interiors.

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