The Best Ways to Look Better on Zoom

The Best Ways to Look Better on Zoom

Billy Kolber shows where the Touch Up Your Appearance setting is in Zoom.

Touch Up Your Appearance in ZOOM

So now that we’re all showing up on Zoom, it’s worth spending a little time and a little money to present your best self. First tip, “Touch up your Appearance” This Zoom setting is an automatic filter for your self-ie. Simply log into your Zoom account (if you haven’t set up your own — do it now, it’s free) and go to the Video section of the settings.

Next, make sure you’re lit from the front. If you’re using a phone, try this $39.99 Ring Light, which conveniently puts your phone on a mini-tripod, with the ring light around it. You can also just drape it over the screen of your laptop, with the camera inside the ring — though it blocks some of the space on your screen.

Zoom lets you choose your own background, but without a green screen behind you, the effect isn’t great. Get yourself a plain $34.99 green screen and $36.99 backdrop stand or a $160.99 whole studio kit, with lights. The latter is very useful if you’re in a dark room or Zooming at night. There are many similar options on Amazon, just make sure you get a cloth background, not a plastic one.

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