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About Billy

I have been obsessed with consumerism for as long as I can remember. At nine years old, I sat at my grandmother’s mahjong table and explained to her friends why phosphates were bad for the environment, and which phosphate-free detergents cleaned best. I got a B.S. in Biology from Yale University, then spent more than 2 decades  traveling all over the world, first as the manager of a large American Express travel agency, then as the co-founder and editor of OUT & ABOUT, the award-winning gay travel newsletter, then as the founder of ManAboutWorld, the first digital-born gay travel magazine, and now as a principal of HospitableMe, providing LGBTQ+ Strategy, and Service and Sales Training for tourism and hospitality.  I was also among the #1 Avon Lady in Manhattan south of 96th Street for half a decade — a business that started with my own search for the most effective clinically-proven anti-aging skincare.

I love a bargain, but even more, I love value: maximum pleasure and utility with minimum expense and hassle, balanced by a concern for our planet and all of the life on it. I’ve always shared my finds with family and friends. Here on BillyKnowsBest, I share them with you.

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