The Best Pepper Mills: Unicorn Magnum

unicorn-pepper-millFor years, Peugeot Pepper Mills were the Rolls Royce of pepper mills. Their classic wood forms and fine-tuned gears surpassed all others. But I’ve switched to the Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mills (and salt mills). You may or may not prefer the modern look of their plastic housings, but it’s hard to argue with their superior functionality. The adjustable gears produce prodigious quantities of ground pepper from coarse to fine — especially useful if you grind pepper in cooking quantities. The large fill hole is easily accessed with just a turn of the ring. And the catch trays on the 6″ models makes them versatile for kitchen or table top use. They’re pricier than most, but no more than Peugeot, starting at $37 on Amazon.

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