Best Microwave Accessory

Best Microwave Accessory

Tovolo Microwave coverIf you use a microwave oven, you should have a Tovolo Collapsable Microwave Cover. Microwaves heat food by vibrating its water molecules to produce heat. But much of the heat distribution is actually caused by the steam that process produces. This is why things don’t get crisp in the microwave, and why and trapping the steam around the food helps it heat more evenly without drying out.

With this reusable food cover, you never need to waste paper towel or struggle with getting plastic wrap off the roll, securing it and piercing it with a knife. Just toss the cover on top of your food. The pleated sides expand and contract with a push of your thumbs to cover bowls and plates of various sizes. You can store it in the microwave so it’s always ready, and toss it into the dishwasher collapsed to clean it. $6.99 at


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