The Best Google Search Shortcuts

The Best Google Search Shortcuts

Google I loved learning how to use the library as a kid.  The answer to any question could be found there, once you learned how to look.  The same is pretty much true for online search, but without the librarian to help you learn how to use it.  But there is the Google Features page, and I promise the five or ten minutes you'll spend exploring it will be the most productive you've ever spent on the internet.  Some of the technique description may seem dry (hey, no one ever popped a woody over the Dewey Decimal system), but read through it, and you'll spend less time searching and more time finding the information you need.

You'll also find speedy ways to access fast facts. Some of these you may have discovered on your own — here are some of the favorites I use all the time:

Package Tracking: Just enter the tracking number in the search box
Flight Tracking: Enter the airline name (or 2-digit code) and the flight number
World Time: Enter "time london" (or whatever place you need to know the current time)
Currency Conversion: Enter 1200 EUR to USD (if you don't know the currency code, spell it out)
Stock Quote: Just enter the ticker symbol.

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