The Best Nonstick Cookware: Scanpan CTX

The Best Nonstick Cookware: Scanpan CTX

ScanPan If you're still using an old Teflon pan, it's time to upgrade.  Nonstick cookware technology has come a long way, and I have a new favorite that updates and replaces my previous recommendation. Scanpan CTX is the best non-stick cookware money can buy, and though it's not cheap, its many features justify the premium price (fry pans run $80-150).  It features a 5-ply aluminum and stainless steel fused construction for exceptionally even heat, and a ceramic-titanium non-stick surface that is

  • Metal-utensil safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven Safe to 500°F
  • Induction-compatible
  • PFOA-free 

The cookware features riveted, hollow, stay-cool handles, and glass-windowed lids.  It's durable, professional-quality weight, and warrantied for life.  You don't need a whole set, but you should definitely have at least a fry pan.  Buy it with free shipping at

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    Jackie Robinson Jr

    i know these pans, almost all of them except for the 11 inch saute pan actually and I love them, i use metal utensils, though you see little scuff marks, as you would on tradtional SS pans the non stick properties are not affected at all. i can throw them in the dish washer for a quick wash but make sure you dont use any phophorus or it will tarnish the ss. I did find a flaw, it’s hard as hell to keep SS clean and using bar keepers friend will take away that beautiful polish finish. Scanpan sells a cleaner for SS and copper that i found an purchased on for llike 30 bucks. i found out it’s made by hillmark so you maybe able to find the off brand cheaper.

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