The Best Restaurants in Chinatown (NYC)

The exterior of Great NY Noodletown, one of the top resaurants in Chinatown, New York. Photo credit: Robert K. Chin.As a kid, my folks used to take me down to Chinatown all the time for delicious, inexpensive Chinese food. Their favorite was a place called Sun Lok Kee at 13 Mott, which later moved to Flushing, Queens (which was convenient after a Mets game), and sadly closed last year.  Now Mom and Shel eat at Great NY Noodletown, which appeared today on a list of great Chinese restaurants on Spire.  The folks at Spire share my perspective on quality and the value of savvy, curated information.  They recently published this list of great NYC Chinatown restaurants.  Read the article on Suzanne's Files for complete descriptions.

Great NY Noodletown
28 Bowery Street • 212/349 0923

New (aka Nice) Green Bo

66 Bayard Street • 212/625 2359

Vegetarian Dim Sum House

24 Pell Street • 212/577 7176

Big Wong King
67 Mott Street • 212/964 0540

Bo Ky Restaurant

80 Bayard Street • 212/406 2292

194 Grand Street • 212/334 3669

69 Chinese Restaurant

69 Bayard Street • 212/227 1173

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard Street • 212/608 4170

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