The Best Online Source for Generic Drugs and Medications

Type "generic viagra" in google, and you'll get over 14,000,000 results.  Email promoting purported "generic" versions of Viagra were once estimated at 25% of all spam email. Yes, there are financial and safety risks in buying these drugs, although those risks are blown way out of proportion by the FDA and big Pharma, who has a vested financial interest in your purchasing Viagra® for $10/pill instead of a $2 pill of Sidenafil Citrate legally manufactured by Cipla in India.   Now, I can't recommend that you buy unlicensed versions of FDA regulated pharmaceuticals online. Nor can I recommend your self-medicating with prescription drugs that you obtain without a prescription.  But if you've made your own decision to do so, I can direct you to the best source:  Their drugs are made by large generic drug manufacturers, and shipped directly from countries where these generic versions are legal, and do not require a prescription.  They offer fast, guaranteed delivery, amazing prices, and excellent customer service. And they stock a wide variety of medicines, not just sexual health medicines, but heart and cholesterol, antibiotics, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, anti-fungals, anti-depressants, even some cancer drugs.  Each medication page lists the actual manufacturers, which in addition to large generic manufacturers like Cipla, include the Indian divisions of some major drug companies such as Wyeth, Aventis and AstraZeneca. 

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