MacBook Buying Advice: MacMall for Best Mailorder Value

MacBook Buying Advice: MacMall for Best Mailorder Value

There’s very little price variation between Apple retailers, but if you buy your Mac directly from Apple, you’re not getting the most value for your dollar.  I just bought my mom a new MacBook (her old iBook wasn’t worth repairing), and once again, the best deal was at MacMall.  Now, if you’re not good with filling out and mailing in rebate forms, you’d be better off ordering from or, where you’ll generally find the lowest price without rebates.  But if you’re willing to download the forms, cut out the UPC codes, and make multiple copies of everything, MacMall bundles their Macs with lowest-net cost rebates, free printers, carrying cases, software and ground shipping.  They count on customers forgetting to fill out the paperwork in the excitement of unpacking their new computers, but dilligent consumers make out like bandits.

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    Read the T&Cs upon purchase. Last time I checked there were no returns from MacMall. Other retailers let you return your new Mac if you decide you’d like a different model.

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