The Best Way to Clean a Toilet

The Best Way to Clean a Toilet

If you squirt and swish like most people, allow me to share this better method, which I learned today.  (I learned it by reading the instructions on the back of a bottle of Safety Foam toilet bowl cleaner.)  Before you squirt (and swish), lower the water level in the toilet by plunging it with the toilet brush.  By doing this, you allow the cleaner to better contact stains below the waterline, and keep it from becoming diluted by the excess water.


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    Plunger sounds like it buys you more time, than my method which is to swish frantically just when I flush and the water recedes for a second! I also like the long handled “Fresh Brush” which clips onto a disposable pad that you swish, release and flush. That works under the water, so is good for inbetween plunging!

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