The Best Coffee Maker: Krups Moka Brew

The Best Coffee Maker: Krups Moka Brew

I’m back in LA this week, and staying with my friends Ron and Steve, who have been the source of numerous recommendations here at BKB.  The latest is their coffee maker, the Krups Moka Brew.  Ron and Steve are serious about things culinary and design. And I was struck by the unusual design of their coffee maker.  It’s elegant and unusual, and reflects an unusual steam brewing process that results in a refined, strong, smooth, Italian-style cup of coffee with half the amount of coffee as traditional drip coffee makers.  In 2004, US News & World Report rated it tops for best flavor. The model was unavailable in the US for a while, but it’s back in stock at for $112.


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    To me this would be perfect if the pot was a thermos that would keep the coffee hot for a few extra cups worth. Does Krups make this model with one?

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    A: The KMB is a specialized item, a steam-pressure coffeemaker, not an autodrip, and probably won’t be updated with a thermal carafe. Most likely it will get discontinued and buyers will be fobbed off with a cheap autodrip with a thermal carafe made in China that makes awful coffee. Its amazing that Krups has carried the KMB as long as they have. It’s a specialty item, and not really designed for the must-have-bells-and-whistles crowd. To keep KMB coffee hot one simply gets a $15 screwtop thermal carafe or thermos (prewarmed with hot water) to keep the brewed coffee hot. Problem solved!

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    Rebecca Holmes

    We are using Krups Moka Brew in my home and Capresso thermal carafe coffee makers in my office. Both are perfect and automatic features. We never face problem in both. Really perfect.

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