The Best Retailer for Nutritional Supplements:

The Best Retailer for Nutritional Supplements:

January is always "new year’s resolution" season at the gym: the machines, classes and workout floor are overcrowded thanks to that most popular of new year’s resolutions: to get in shape.  For many, this increased focus on fitness includes healthier eating, and nutritional suppliments.  I’m skeptical of most of the suppliment advertising promising harder leaner bodies from a pill, shake, or bar, though I admit, I still fall for their claims and indulge in the latest fitness suppliment craze every now and then.  At least, I can find comfort in the fact that I’m buying them at the lowest possible prices. has a unique price matching feature that I love.  As you add products into their online shopping cart, you can supply the URL of a competing website with the lowest prices you find, and they’ll beat it by 5%.  Automatically.  Simply Googleâ„¢ the product you’re looking for, find the lowest price, and they’ll beat it by 5%.  Do that for each product you order, and you can save a bundle on your fitness folly. 


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    I’ve placed three orders with Supplement Warehouse and they are far from par. If you want inconsistent, horrendous service then buy from them.

    – First order went great

    – Second order hadn’t shipped after 8 business days after being placed for an in-stock item. I canceled it and purchase locally.

    – Third order, arrived incomplete, received 1 of 3 items, their system only shows i ordered one item, yet the emailed order confirmation reflects three items, and my credit card was charged for three items. Was also promised a “free shaker” with the item received. Guess what? It wasn’t included.

    I am done buying from them. Processing orders seems to be an overly complex task for them.

    And they don’t have the lowest prices, just froogle the item your looking for and you’ll find plenty of merchants with great prices.

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    [ UPDATED ON: 10/17/2007 ] Issue has been escalated to a manager. Researching: We are looking up an answer for your question. Need More Information: We”ve asked a follow up question. Please click on the title and add additional comments. Pending: Issue is awaiting further developments. That”s all I have been doing is waiting? —-[ UPDATED ON: 10/17/2007 ] The status of your support issue [145ISS] is: Incorrect issue number sequence. Please ship or cancel. —-This is my first order with your company. I am not impressed with status or updates on shipments. Please resolve or this will be my last order and I warn others of your slow service. Joel

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    I ordered 3 items three days ago,they say, items are shipped on the next day on their website, I haven’t received a shipping confirmation, or an e-mail response regarding my shipping.
    They have absolutely NO CUSTOMER service. Their online help system is always unavailable.
    I will write more reviews in a couple of days. If it’s not a serious business I will do everything I can to inform the public about it.

    Thanks, Marcelo

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