The Best Wall Cleaner: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Best Wall Cleaner: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Since the first things I ever read were laundy detergent boxes, it’s not surprising that I’ve always had an odd fascination with cleaning products.  And I’ve purchased almost every "miracle cleaner" that ever appeared on a late night informercial (Remember didi Seven?).  And while some worked really well, none were ever the miracle that they appeared to be on TV.  So, I’ve ignored the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ads that I’ve seen, assuming them to be the usual overpromised hype.  But last week, I saw a stack of them in the Home Depot, and, being somewhat giddy from the air-conditioned respite from the Manhattan heatwave, threw a box in my cart. 

I tried them out on my cork-covered refrigerator at the beach (which seemed like such a brilliant idea for a custom refrigerator panel until it became plagued by a dark mildew problem from the high humidity and condensation.)  As Janice Dickinson might say: "I have one word for you:  Oh my god!"  Lo and behold, it erased not only the current mildew, but the intractable mildew from summers past as well.  Mr_clean_duo
You just wet the eraser, squeeze out the excess water and erase.  No harsh chemical odor, no rinsing.

After reading many rave reviews of the product online, I can’t wait to get more and try them all over the house.  They come in three varieties:  Standard, Extra Power (the ones I used on my cork) and the new Magic Eraser Duo, which has a sponge like backing that lets you use the product until all of the white side is gone. 

Find them at your supermarket or hardware store, or order online from
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