The Best Source for Lubricant:

The Best Source for Lubricant:

When it comes to reducing friction in a relationship, few things work as effectively as personal lubricant, used regularly. But chances are, you're paying way too much for it, if you're buying it at the local novelty store. Check out They offer a wide selection, great prices, and fast, discrete shipping. As for what to order? I've done a lot of, um, reasearch in this area, and here are my favorites:  Astroglide, BoyButter, ForPlay DeLuxe Cream, Frixion, GunOil, and Liquid Silk.

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    Pjur is my favorite. It’s oil based, so it doesn’t dry out and go all tacky, but it’s still safe for condoms. Apparently, it’s also the lube they use in most porno movies. A little goes a long way too. You use about 1/4 as much as with regular lube.

    BKS: Pjur is actually silicone-based, not oil-based, which is why it’s condom-friendly. GunOil has a similar formulation at a lower price.

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    Thanks for the correction, Billy. I should have paid more attention.

    It’s good to know about the Gun Oil alternative, though I can’t seem to find it here in the UK from a cursory Google search.

    I did want to point out that the “no drip” bottle for Pjur isn’t as good as the regular bottle. It’s much harder to get out of the bottle, which can be frustrating. Just wanted to help keep your peeps informed.

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