The Best Frozen Entrées: Michael Angelo’s

The Best Frozen Entrées: Michael Angelo’s

Michaelangelos I started making lasagna in the third grade, and eggplant parmesan shortly thereafter.  I've gotten good enough at both that I rarely order them at restaurants, since I'm usually disappointed.  So it was a big surprise to find a store-bought frozen eggplant parm that was good enough for me. It's made by Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods, and no, it's not as good as mine, but it's better than most restaurant versions, and the single-portion size cooks up in just 7 minutes in the microwave.  Their Sausage Lasagna is pretty darn good too.


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    Diane Schettini

    Hello, I came across Michaels products by mistake. I am glad I did. I am Italian and a very pickie person when it comes to someone else sauces.. I bought the Lasagna with meat sause and WOW what a great Italian taste!!!! I had spread the news and guess what? There are not alot of stores that supply this product and my friends in NJ, NY and NC can not find this product.. Wish there were more stores that carry them.. But again, WOW!! Coming from a pickie Italian… Diane

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    I love Michael Angelo’s Lasagna!! I think it’s the best store bought lasagna ever and I definitely think that it is better then a lot I have tasted in restaurants. I’m curious since you also like the taste of there foods… Is your lasagna recipe anything close to how theirs taste? I have been trying to find a recipe that gives me a similar taste and have had no luck. So if you do and you would not mind sharing I would love that. Thanks for your time!
    – Stephanie
    Lasagna Lover!

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