Sugar-Free Tang. Don’t Laugh

Okay. Laugh. Tang. I bought it as a joke. "Wouldn’t it be funny," I asked my partner Bruce, "if you showed up at someone’s house, and they offered you Tang? "So the very next day, I’m in the supermarket, and the Tang catches my eye, and not just Tang, but Sugar-Free Tang. Sftang

Now, it might surprise you to discover that there’s more than one Tang; in fact there are many different formulas around the world: Sour cherry in Turkey, mango in Saudi Arabia and a sweeter orange flavor in Brazil but a tarter orange flavor in Argentina. You can check out the Tang web page if you’re really interested in the history (like the special container that was invented for the Astronauts’ consumption), but what you really need to know is: IT TASTES GREAT!

Xtang_1 The Sugar Free variety comes in a canister of four individual tubs, each making 1.5 quarts, although I like it watered down — using a tub to make 2 quarts. It’s a refreshing, healthy and satisfying alternative to diet soda, and is sure to get a chuckle when you offer it to houseguests. If you have trouble finding it at your local supermarket, you can buy it online from

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