Buyers Advantage – The Best Extended Warranty

Buyers Advantage – The Best Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are almost always a bad value for consumers. But there’s a big profit center for merchants, which is why every television, electronic gadget or home appliance comes with a hard sell for that extra two to three years coverage. But despite the high cost of repairs, you’re usually better off self-insuring: putting the price of those service contracts into a savings account and using it just for repairs.

But there’s a better way. It’s called Buyers Advantage. Bax_01x
For $19.95/month, you get extended warranty coverage up to three years on everything you buy, plus other benefits: a 20% rebate on all repairs to products not covered by the warranty, a price protection benefit and a merchandise return benefit.

There are some exclusions, but the program really works just like it’s advertised.  To be covered, a product must have been purchased during the term of your membership, and you need to submit copies of the original purchase receipt, the original warranty, and the paid repair invoice.  I throw all of those things in a file folder, and pull them out as needed. It’s simple. I’ve been a member for over a decade, and have saved the cost of my membership many times over.

But wait! There’s more! Join today, and get your first month for $1.

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