The Best Shoes for Travel: Swims and Hunter Boots

The Best Shoes for Travel: Swims and Hunter Boots

Shoes take up a lot of luggage space, so I try to make do with only two or three pairs when I travel. It’s always a compromise, but having shoes that work for more than just one purpose make it possible — with bonus points for slip-on shoes. My favorites are Swims and Hunter Boots.

Swims hail from Norway, where the locals know to marry functionality and fashion. Stylish enough to wear to a club or a meeting, they’re lightweight, and comfortable, in a variety of styles. Based on boat shoes, the loafers are machine washable, and double as water shoes — I recently wore them to hike up a waterfall in Jamaica. The Chukka boot works as dress shoe, light-duty sneaker and it’s waterproof. They occasionally go on sale at Swims, and can often be found at a discount on or Nordstrom Rack.

Hunter Boots is known for their rain boots, but their Men’s Original Penny Loafer and Men’s Original Rubber Sneaker are as versatile as shoes can get. You can wear them to a business meeting, a hike or a leather bar.


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