The Best Shave Cream: Grooming Lounge and Every Man Jack

grooming-lounge-shave-creamevery-man-jack-shave-creamI’ve never liked shaving. My tough beard and sensitive skin are a really unpleasant combination. But the full-on beard makes me look like a Rabbi. So I shave. At least a few times a week, and I’ve worked my way through dozens of shaving creams, foams, gels and soaps, and settled on two. Note that fragrance is generally a disqualifier for me. And because of my ever-changing beard shapes, I’m not fond of the big foam either. If you share my preference for those basic attributes, you’ll love my recommendations. My top choice: Grooming Lounge Beard Destroyer Shave Cream, although it’s significantly more expensive than runner-up Everyman Jack Fragrance-Free Shave Cream, which is what we use now regularly at home. Both are soothing, low-lathering and fragrance-free. They rinse easily and won’t clog your razor. It’s hard to find the Grooming Lounge on sale, but you can find Every Man Jack even cheaper at and other retailers.

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