How to Register as a Marriage Officiant.

How to Register as a Marriage Officiant.

Marriage Officiant RegistrationMy spouse-to-be and I didn’t want a formal wedding, but wanted something more personal than the City Clerk.  More and more couples are choosing to have a friend or family member officiate at their wedding, which is what we decided we wanted to do.  In researching the requirements for having a friend perform our ceremony, I discovered it was so easy, I did it myself.  I’ve had the power vested in me by the state to officiate at marriages. Want to do it too? It’s easy.

Step 1: Get ordained.  You don’t need to go to divinity school.  You can do it online, like I did, at the American Marriage Ministries.  It may sound a little fly-by-night, but it’s 100% legal.  The ordination is free, but ordering the paperwork required by NY state costs $37, including shipping.

Step 2: Register as a Marriage Officiant.  I filled out my application online, then went to the City Clerk’s office, presented my paperwork, paid the $15 fee, and signed the big book.

Different states have different procedures and requirements — the American Marriage Ministries website can help you figure out yours.


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