The Best Men’s Cologne… at a Discount

The Best Men’s Cologne… at a Discount

ENCRE_NOIRE_LALIQUE_MFew things are a bigger turn-off for me than a guy who smells like the fragrance counter at Macy's  Kind of ironic, since I spent most of my 20s wearing so much Cacharel Pour Homme that you could smell me before and after I left the room. Live and learn.  I still wear cologne occasionally, though I spray it above me, and let it settle down in a fine mist on my head and shoulders. That way no one smells it coming and going.  And I pretty much stick to the subtle masculine scent of the woodsy Encre Noir (Black Ink) by Lalique and the citrusy Eau d'Hadrien by Anick Goutal – both rare enough you won't smell them on someone else. Check them out — and check out the prices on your favorite colognes at


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    Christopher Keller

    Hey bud~you might want to try where I get my Tommy Bahama and Aramis’ New West (been out of production since 1995) @

    They have both men’s/women’s fragrances, some of which you can’t find in the US.

    BTW, great posts/blogs there mate!


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    Thanks, Christopher… I would however, be a little concerned about fragrance stock that’s 6 years old… that can be pushing the shelf life, according to fragrance experts.

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