The Weekly Stockup: Toothpaste, Burritos, Chocolate and Condoms

Very few of us have the time or patience to clip coupons, compare prices, and shop around for the best values.  But if you buy toothpaste when you run out, you're paying way too much! Stocking up on products you use regularly when they go on sale is a great way to significantly cut your expenses. Here's what I'm stocking up on this week:

Whole Foods:
Evol Frozen Burritos: $2 (Save 43%)
Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate 7oz chocolate blocks: $3.50 (Already a bargain at $4.19 – Save 16%)

Rite Aid:
Colgate Total Advanced or Pro Clinical: 99¢ (Pay $2.99, get a $2 reward coupon for your next purchase)
LifeSyles Kyng Condoms: Buy 1, get 1 50% off (Fomerly Lifestyles Mega Condom)

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