Healthier Chips

Healthier Chips

Baked Lentil Evan Orensten reviewed some intriguing healthier snack chips on Cool Hunting yesterday. None of these are exactly "health food," but by using whole grains,  more fiber and nutrient-rich ingredients, they can increase the nutritive value of your snacking.  The last three are all available through Amazon, though I can't get behind Evan's recommendation for Corazonas.  Their health claims based on infusing high levels of Plant Sterols into their chips is dubious at best.  While it's true that the FDA says that Plant Sterols  can lower Cholesterol, the science and benefits aren't entirely clear, and there is some evidence to suggest that Plant Sterols may actually contribute to Atherosclerosis and Aortic Valve Stenosis. And the company's "28 Day Challenge" is an audacious consumer affront::  Take two cholesterol tests 28 days apart, and if your cholesterol doesn't go down we'll refund the cost of your chips… how about the cost of the blood tests?  Don't fall for it.  But check out the Baked Lentil chips from the Mediterranean Snack Food Company — currently available at Whole Foods and other health food retailers.

Mediterranean Snack Food Company
The Whole Earth
Beanitos Bean and Flax Chips
Plocky's Hummus Chips

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