The Best Food Processor: Cuisinart Elite

The first food processors in the US were marketed under the Cuisinart name in 1973, and to this day, the name Cusinart is synonymous with food processors, though the company makes a full line of small kitchen appliances, including some highly rated toaster ovens and great value cookware.  I've owned a couple of food processors in my life, not all of them made by Cuisinart (which, through a series of ownership changes including a bankrupcy is now owned by Conair).  In the past, some KitchenAid processors have rated higher.  But yesterday i got a new Cuisinart Elite which finally solves two problems that have plagued food processors since their debut.  The Cuisinart Elite Food Processor  has locking blades and sealed bowls.  This means that you can easily pour/dump the processed contents from the bowl without having to perilously hold the blade in the upside down bowl, and you can process larger quantities of liquids without making a mess.  Combined with an extra large feed tube and an easy bowl assembly system, it makes them the best food processors ever.  Buy the Cuisinart Elite online at

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