The Best Artificial Christmas Trees: Balsam Hill

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees: Balsam Hill

Christmastree The first time I saw Christmas items in Costco… in September… I gasped.  Though I love a Christmas bargain as much as the next person (and buy most of my decorations on December 26th), there's something plain wrong about shopping for them in September.  And while there's no stopping commerce, on principle, I've waited until October to start the holiday crush.  With only!?! 84 shopping days left, there are a few reasons to start planning your holiday decor now.  One is the early-bird discounts, like those offered on these trees.  If you're in the market for an artificial Christmas Tree, check out, the best overall trees as rated by Good Housekeeping.  Save 5% with coupon code LS1P001 through December 10, 2008. 

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    Balsam Hill Trees – Bad Quality & No Customer Service – 12′ VERMONT SPRUCE

    This is a nightmare of a company to deal with. I have personal experience of buying a 12′ tree from Balsam Hill at a cost of around $2000. The biggest mistake I made last year. Once you have bought your Christmas tree from them it all goes downhill from then on. Lights burn out and whole sections stop working. They have very little technical support and customer service is there just to blow you out. That’s if you are lucky enough to speak to anyone. They always seem to have some kind of excuse and are happy to tell you that you will get a call-back. You never do. The light bulbs on their trees are unique to them so when you get a problem you have to try (and ‘try’ is the key word) to get replacements. That doesn’t happen. If you attempt a credit card chargeback they place your file on an internal blacklist because they moke note about everything. They have the nerve to say their customer’s are rude, when that is not true. Balsam Hill is a shady outfit. The internet is full of negative reviews about this company. Just go Google the words “Balsam Hill Complaint” and you will see dozens of complaints. The Better Business Bureau has them listed with over 50 recent complaints. Even the Facebook page of Balsam Hill is full of unhappy customers (until they delete the comments). My advice is to stay away from Balsam Hill and their web site because their products are nothing but trouble. One of their customers has even built a web site about them warning others to stay away. It is

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