The Best Hand-Shaker Bottle: Blender Bottle

The Best Hand-Shaker Bottle: Blender Bottle

At home, I use the Magic Bullet blender to make my daily protein shake.  But traveling has always presented a problem.  Hand shaker bottles just don’t do a great job of blending powdered mixes, and carrying around a little battery powered Cordless Mini Mixer is just one thing too many to travel with — I’m already carrying enough.  But the new Blender Bottle shaker cups use a unique round wire ball to do the stirring, and it works great. Buy the 28oz Blender Bottle for $7.99 or the 20oz Blender Bottle Mini for $6.99at

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    Good tip. I’ve always loved the Magic Bullet and actually, on trips I take it with me. Driving, I have a AC/DC converter plugged into my cig lighter. Other than that, pretty much everywhere else I go has an outlet for my trusty MagBull. The only problem I foresee is on public transportation and out in the deep neck of the woods. But good tip though with the Blender Bottle. Cheap enough, I just might buy it.

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