The Best Ice Packs: FirstIce

The Best Ice Packs: FirstIce

I've written about heat wraps, but cold therapy can be just as important in relieving sprains, aches and soreness, especially within the first 24 hours of an injury.  Regular ice and gel packs and even plain ice can be too cold to apply directly to the skin without harming it, so bags of frozen peas became the gold standard of cold therapy for many years.  Finally, there's something better.  FirstIce freezes and refreezes into "snow" that stays at a comfortable and therputic 40 degrees for up to four hours.  Buy it online at

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    James Pantera

    Thank you. I am the Director of Operations for METIS Products, LLC, we own FIRSTICE.

    If you need anything from me drop me a note.

    James Pantera
    Director of Operations
    METIS Products, LLC

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