Dock n’ Talk: The Home Cell Phone Dock

Dock n’ Talk: The Home Cell Phone Dock


Originally, mobile phones were meant to be just that — mobile.  Once you got home, the cell phone went in its charger and you used a land line.  But as cell phones became ubiquitous and cell minutes plentiful, many of us started using our cell phones much more at home.  Some of us, especially the young’uns, have forsaken land lines entirely.  But those tiny phones that are so convenient for taking everywhere aren’t always the most comfortable to chat on the couch with.  Nor can they offer the tactile pleasure of twirling the cord on your Princess phone while curled up in bed talking to your BFF about your new BF.  And it only takes a few sprints across the house to answer a ringing phone to remember why Ma Bell gave us extension phones to begin with.  Like the marriage of peanut butter and chocolate, the Dock n’ Talk allows you to marry your cell phone service with your home phone wiring.  Simply dock your cell phone in the adapter connected to your home phone jack, and you can make and receive cell phone calls from up to five corded or cordless extension phones.  Better still, it works as a primary line, or as a second line on two line phones. $149.99 from For $30 more,  you can get a docking station with built in desk phone
icon and for an additional $74.99 you can connect your cell phone via Bluetooth adaptericon.

ED: Save 10% on any order through 3/20/07 using the above link and coupon code ESPRING10

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