Just’ A Drop

Just’ A Drop

Speaking of having to go to the bathroom, this Canadian product can alleviate the embarrassment of the sometimes attendant odors. Just shake a drop of the plant-based liquid in the bowl before you go, and odors are stopped before they can escape.  It’s innovative, and it works… better than their tag line: "When you go for #2, only Just’ A Drop will do!" It comes with a handy travel pouch, so you can do your part to keep the world (and my personal request: the gym locker room) a fresher-smelling place. Buy Just’ a Drop Magic Odor Neutralizer at Drugstore.com.


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    Liz O'Brien

    I must admit that I was dubious at first about this product but our household is now converted. It works extremely well and a bottle should last for quite a while. Why did I ever doubt you?
    But how can you discretely let guests know about this somewhat unmentionable product? If a can of Lysol or Glade Air freshener is around, it’s pretty obvious what that’s for . . .

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    Can you buy this product in stores anywhere? If not – WHY NOT?!?!? Great product and you would sell like crazy once word got out! –

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