ThermaCare Back Wraps

ThermaCare Back Wraps

I hit leg day a little hard last night at World Gym Palm Springs, and by bedtime, I could tell that I was gonna be paying for it in my back today.  I have an old lower-back injury that flares up now and then,  much less often since I started practicing Yoga, but still, certain kinds of exertion and stress set it off, and I can pretty much tell when the pain is coming.

I’ve learned lots of things to do for the pain: stretching, resting, hot tubs, ibuprofen… but my favorite is putting on a ThermaCare Back Wrap. The gentle heat provides lasting relief. Now an electric heating pad would be more cost-effective, but here’s why I prefer ThermaCare:

  • They’re portable. You don’t need to be near an outlet.
  • They’re easily hidden under your clothes.
  • They stay warm for at least eight hours.
  • They stay put, keeping the heat where you need it.
  • You can sleep in them.

I have a 32.5" waist, and can use either size, but prefer the L/LX to the S/M. Also, becuase my lower back pain is localized in a small area, sometimes I use the neck/arm wrap, which has adhesive that keeps it in place. (The back wraps have a velcro closure.) I don’t have knee problems, but there’s a knee wrap as well.


The back wraps run about $3-4 each, less if you buy them at Costco, on sale, or in the occasionally-available bonus packs.  For simplicity sake, you can buy them at most drugstores and supermarkets, but I suggest you order an assortment from and keep them on hand.

P.S. I also put one on before a long plane ride.


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    They also have a large, sort of egg shaped, Thermacare patch for menstrual cramps.
    I no longer have a need for any such thing, but the shape and size were perfect for my localized upper back pain.

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    Oh, and thanks very much for the Thermacare suggestion. I tried the Ben Gay equivalent at first, and what was supposed to be heat, turned out to be cold, and very uncomfortable.

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