The Best Skincare: Anew Alternative

The Best Skincare: Anew Alternative

Back in 1998, I became an Avon Representative. It’s a long, amusing story that started with my search for the ideal moisturizer. Then, after six years in the top 10% of Avon representatives nationwide, I decided to retire, to pursue other interests, among them, writing a screenplay based on the experience — duh, I live in LA. 

The retirement failed for the same reason I became a representative in the first place:  THE PRODUCTS.  I was still using a lot of them, still ordering them for myself and family, and still telling my friends about the best new ones.  And now there’s a new one that has got me so excited, I’m back in business, and back on track for top 10% this year. 

It’s called Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment.  Anew is Avon’s high technology skin care brand (this is not your mother’s Avon!) and Alternative is the first product that combines Eastern plant therapies with Western technology. I’m not going to take time here to explain it, and frankly, it will just sound like all of the other hype in the skin care industry.  I’ll just say this is a great product, at a great price, and you should try it. It comes in a day version: a luxurious creamy lotion with SPF 25, and a thicker night version. Both are $32, and both are available directly at, or you can order through me at my site.

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