The Best Face Sunscreen: Avon Sun+ SPF 40

Avon Sun+ Sunscreen face lotion SPF 40It’s always nice for me when an Avon product comes out on top in a Consumer Reports rating, even if it’s a product I don’t use. In this case it’s Avon Sun+ Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 40, and I don’t use it because the FDA has still not approved the best UVA filters for sale in the US.  Instead, I use Ladival, from Germany, which I buy from in Germany, shipped to my European hotel and carried home (It’s illegal to ship it to the US). If you or your friends are traveling to Europe, South America or Australia, you can do the same. If not, pick up a tube of Avon Sun+, and write a note to the FDA asking for approval of Tinosorb sunscreens now.

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    Billy we used to get Anthelios from France before the FDA approved mexoril. A couple of pharmacies in NYC brought it in personally. Perhaps you could bring back more of Ladival to sell to friends and family. Why does the U.S. Lag behind Germany? Must be some vested interests slowing U.S. up. Even the German toothpaste is superior

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