Dina Martina’s Strange Gummy Treats

Dina Martina’s Strange Gummy Treats

We went to see Dina Martina last night in Provincetown. Her performance is brilliant: Stupefying, twisted, disgusting and hilarious.  One of the most thoroughly entertaining nights of cabaret I’ve ever seen.  One of her bits involves giving small gag gifts to members of the audience.  These inscrutable items include things like Cheetos-flavored lip balm and various odd gummy candies.  I got a strawberry-flavored gummy T-bone steak.  If that sounds like the perfect gift for someone you know, it’s $4.95 from mcphee.com.


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    Careful, I bought one of those gummy steaks for my husband at Christmastime, and when he bit into it he said it tasted like shoe leather that had been rubbed down with strawberry scented shampoo.

    Have you see the banana flavoured banana slug gummy? That’s hilarious.

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