The Best Metal Polish:  Maas Metal Polishing Creme

The Best Metal Polish: Maas Metal Polishing Creme

Maas_metal_polishWhen I was a kid, my dad used Noxon Metal Polish. I swear, the name was short for noxious. Up until last week, just thinking about polishing metal made me nauseous, because that stuff smelled so bad.  But once again tripping through Home Depot, I discovered MAAS metal polish.  Developed by a homemaker in conjunction with a chemist friend, it’s made with a base of ultra-refined jewelers rouge and has a mild scent.  Not only does it work on all metals, but it works on almost any non-porous surface: glass, linoleum, fiberglass, Plexiglas.  Add me to the impressive list of testimonials.  I haven’t tried the liquid, spray, gloves or cloths yet, but I intend to. Look for it at the Depot, order from, or buy the full product line direct from MAAS.

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