How To Buy Groceries Online

How To Buy Groceries Online

My last post about buying brownie mix contained an interesting fact for online shopping fans: is beta testing a grocery department. Back in the internet boom, it looked like Webvan had online groceries all figured out. I loved Webvan, and even bought stock. As Elaine Stritch likes to say about dating Rock Hudson, "we all know how that turned out." was another favorite of mine when they offered lots of free
shipping enticements, but with those gone, it got pricey.  Most sites, like  are delivery services tied to your local supermarket.  Which seems to be a sustainable business model, but still somewhat old-world: my father used to call up the local grocer with a list and they’d deliver. Amazon’s foray into food is very interesting.  On the plus side: the prices are unbeatable, and Amazon’s standard free super saver shipping applies.  Down sides include a limited selection of products, and most notably, most everything is sold by the case lot, which is only suitable for products that you know you like, and use in large quantities. I don’t know about you, but I can easily make room for a dozen boxes of brownie mix.

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    Perhaps there is a distinction between buying dry goods in quantity online and getting ones weekly supply of groceries through the internet. Fresh Direct seems to be very popular in NYC.. ( Their clever TV ads use local celebs like Ed Koch.) I know a number of working people. and others too busy or tired to shop and schlepp, who are very pleased with the selection and quality of this food delivery system.

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